My Nina was my life, my everything. Earlier in the week I had notice a change in Nina’s habits and knew the time was coming. I knew I wanted to keep Nina with me for always but I didn’t know where to go. My Husband mention Pet Passages, I emailed them and Wendy responded in such a way that I knew this is where I needed to go. Couple hours after contacting Wendy, my Nina took her last breath and my husband called and off we went. I LOVED that we got to say a last goodbye, and that I knew she was going to be in great hands. The other thing that I truly loved was that I got to keep track of where and what was going on with Nina. Pet Passages is truly a whole hearted place that respects and supports you when you need it the most. They understand what your going through, and do what they need to do to comfort you. Because of them I have more than what I was expecting with my Nina and for that I could never thank them enough!