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Peanut Longo

Peanut was rescued in 2014. My husband, boyfriend at the time, found him and decided he would be a good companion for me. He became my best friend instantly. He was a free range bunny and was allowed to run around the house and was even litter box trained. Peanut got to go to college and even began a new life in a new state with me. A couple years later I decided to rescue another animal and Peanut and her became best friends. Who was he best friends with? A dog. That’s right…I said it…a dog. Peanut and Malibu became inseparable. Peanut and Malibu would take long naps together on the dog bed. He even decided that he wanted the dog bed to himself and would kick Malibu off it! Peanut was always running around with the zoomies and would often come up to your feet and try to get you to pet him with your toes. Peanut was an amazing rabbit and he sure could brighten up my day. Rest in peace Peanut.

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