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Moose Turri

We had talked about getting another dog as we had already had our yellow lab Sadie. We joked that we would get a chocolate lab named Moose. A friend of ours happened to have a litter of puppies and they named one Moose. We knew it was fate and a few weeks later we brought him home. Moose fell in love with his Dad immediately and he lived each and every day for him. He would wait in the window, literally laying on top on the couch watching out the window until Dad would come home from work. Moose fell in love with the tennis ball. It seemed to happen one day and there never went another day he was without his ball. We ended up buying him a box of 200 balls and dumped them all out for him at once. He father 16 puppies during his life. He would play with them and act as the most amazing dad. Moose was unique in his own ways and there will never be another Moose like him. He seemed to always have a smile on his face and was always barking trying to get our attention. He is up in Doggie Heaven enjoying unlimited ball playing and swimming to his hearts content. He is so missed and we love him so much!

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