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Mikey Jupiter

Mikey ( aka Pretty Boy ) showed up one day in the back yard. For many months he wasn’t even touchable. But eventually he came to trust me and came to be the most loving friend. In the morning when I would have my coffee in my chair he would find me and spend time in my lap, almost always winding up on his back so that I could rub his stomach and he could purr away. This took place most every time I found myself in my chair, he was there with me. If he was napping in the bed upstairs and I got on the bed with him he would arrange himself with his head on my shoulder ( the better for pets ). If he was outside at night I would open the door and whistle or call his name and he’d come running ( not always happy to find himself in for the night).I’ve had cats my entire adult life. Each had their own personalities and each was special. I loved each and every one of them but Mikey stood out.His loss is wrenching and will be difficult to get over.

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