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Maggie fallucchi

I will never forget the day I brought Maggie home. I was 10 years old, and I was so excited. My mother, stepdad, and I were walking through the shopping mall getting ready to go have dinner, and I was trying to think of what I should name her. A few people in front of us were talking, and I heard one of them say the name “Maggie.” I knew immediately that Maggie was the perfect name for her. As we drove home with her in the car, she sat right next to me in the back seat and chewed on the seatbelt the whole ride home. For her first week or two at home, she followed me everywhere. She trusted me. We lived in the country on a hill. She would run up and down the hill and up and down the dirt road. My stepdad would say that “she ran that whole mountain.” She had an amazing personality. She was always so happy. I’ve never seen a dog wag their tail as much as she did. Whenever my sister would come home to visit from college, Maggie would sleep right next to my sisters head in her bed. She was so loving. Even when she would do something bad, nobody could stay mad at her for long. We would just end up laughing because she was so cute and would look at you with her sweet, innocent brown eyes. My aunt reminded us of a time when we were at our lake house, and Maggie crawled onto the counter and ate a whole pan of sausage that my aunt had made. She loved food. My mom would always buy her treats and the food she loved. She was such a fun dog, and she loved everyone around her. Her brother Max is going to miss her very much. They were best friends. He followed her around everywhere, and they would always snuggle and sleep next to each other. Please remember we will forever and always love and miss you Maggie, but I know you will always be with us. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I will cherish and remember all of the great moments we had together. Please don’t ever forget that you mean the absolute world to me, my sweet Maggie angel.

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