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Marley Beard

You came into our life with your sister, Sophie, at the beginning of May. Immediately you became Mauras dog. She named you Marley. You were the follower. You did as Sophie did, but you let us know when something was wrong. You were good puppies, but you really liked to chew. You were frightened by fireworks and thunderstorms. We did whatever we could to help get you through those noises. Im glad you wont need to experience either anymore. You loved your food. You always ate quickly and made sure to lick the bowls of the others when they finished. You were very good at catching treats when thrown to you and you were such a good girl at making sure to sit to receive a treat. Maura loved to dress you up. You had Christmas pajamas and sometimes even pigtails. Being safe at home with your family was so important to you. You would hide when you heard the sound of your collar. In your last months, the back yard became your sanctuary. In April we had one last snowstorm and you enjoyed being part of it. I knew it would be the last time you were in the snow and I let you enjoy. You were such a good girl right up until your final hours. You were loved by us all and we cant wait to be with you again one day.

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