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Pigsey (Polar Bear) Wozniak

The day we had Pigsey join our family was a day I will never forget. This all white guinea pig turned into our mini “polar bear”. She was the favorite of allot. She was always so energetic even in her old age she could outrun anyone in the herd. She even jumped on huts and slept on top of them. One thing I always loved was when she would give me the look of “are you crazy?” Her eyes would be huge and it was funny and cute. She was the only one who snapchat filters would work on since she is all one color. Pigsey was very loving, cuddly and was not camera shy. She loved carrots and cilantro so much! When she passed so sudden she was surrounded by her homans Danielle and Bryan along with her sisters Layla, Mocha, Lilly, Peppa, Peaches, Eevee and Sugar Plum. She is now on the other side of the rainbow bridge with her sister Sweet Pea and her cousins Ollie, and Fenny. We love and miss her so much!

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