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Tupper Giordano

Tupper, Tupper Kitty, Tupper girl, Tuppies, Tup or Tups. She joined our family in 2014 right before Kellsie left for college. Tupper was 8, a Newfield native, looking for a family as hers was moving and couldnt take her. I was hesitate on animals but after discussion with the family we decided to look after her for the weekend just to see if she was a good fit and if so we would have our first pet. Tupper was an older cat, she was well behaved, potty trained, looked like a kitten and she made friends with everyone quickly. She had a big personality in a such a quiet vessel. Only nervous for a few days then she decided we were keepers! She was our world even though she wasnt much for playing, she made her presents known. We laughed at her and she kept to herself, she was all about business. She liked to nap, pounce around the yard chasing dragon flies, chipmunks, chickens or rabbits. Occasionally she would leave her catch by the door for us, but rarely. She was more concerned with her beauty sleep, lounging in the sun or just happy to be hanging out with you or dipping her paws in your water cup. She wasnt big on other cats, but didnt mind her dog brothers Milo and Murphy. She went about her business doing what she did best, rule the roost. She was everyones sidekick, especially if you a bowl and a spoon! She knew she would soon have the Milk left in your bowl or paw at you until you let her finish off your ice cream. She was very vocal about her needs. If she was up and ready to eat she made sure you knew her intentions. Eat drink, go outside to patrol the neighborhood, roll around on the pavement, sun bathe on the neighbors deck, sit at the road and watch the cars drive by, meander back home while she waited for someone to let her in, and repeat. She was all about keeping to her schedule and that she did until the end. She lived a wonderful life full of love and purpose with her best friend Korrin by her side. While we miss her deeply and are grieving her passing, we know shes no longer sick or in pain. We love you biggest Tupper Girl! Thank you for giving us your best years! Until we see you again.

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