My Pet Has Died

What do I do next?

If your pet has passed away at a veterinary hospital it will be important for you to ask which pet crematory they use. If you utilize a Veterinary Hospital that does not work directly with our facility, please know that you have a choice in where your pet is cremated, and you DO NOT have to use the facility your veterinary hospital suggests. All you have to do is call us 607-236-4122 and we will handle all the logistics. It will be very helpful if you print and fill out our Cremation Form (see link below). Please bring this form with you when you bring your pet to your regular veterinary hospital. If you would like to view our available services, please see our price list (link below).

If your pet has passed away at a Veterinary Hospital that has partnered with us (please view Friendships at the bottom of this website), then you don’t have to do anything. The caring staff at the hospital will help you fill out our Secure Id Forms and will notify us immediately. We will respond to that hospital as soon as possible to care for your pet. If you wish to call us directly please feel free to do so (607-236-4122).

If your pet has passed away at home please know that you can always bring your pet directly to us, but due to the delicate and sensitive nature of our business, we kindly request that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (by appointment) Saturday - Sunday Closed. After hours appointments are available upon request. We can also come to your home and one of our Pet Funeral Directors will transfer your pet from your home to our facility.

Guiding you through the loss of your pet… because your pet is part of the family.


Download Cremation Authorization Form (Secure ID)

Printable Price List